From: former resident of Sweden
To: Ture Sjölander
Subject: A failure of political diplomacy...
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 17:40:46 -0800

Dear Mr Sjolander,
I am not surpised in the least to find a Swede who cries "foul play"
on subject of international child abduction.
Yes, Sweden holds a treaty between the Hague in the Netherlands, but the Sweden itself
is one of the last ones to enforce the laws it demands from other
Very seldom, if at all will it apply international law
towards it's own citizens.
I, for one, with many others, are fighting an constant uphill battle with your goverment for the
return of our children.
Since your goverment believes your social democracy and "barn miljo"is second
to no other, it finds itself hard pressed to return these missing children back to the lands from
where they were removed.
The well documented civil court discriminations (tingsratten), are leading up to an
ever increasing distrust by your own forieng citizens.

Before we ask to police other lands and their policies, maybe we
should look to clean our own back yards first!

A former concerned resident

RE: A failure of political diplomacy...
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ture sjolander <>


Tell me more please, if I can be of any help.

In the first place, its not my "government" anymore, as I am living abroad and actively worked hard last september the get the old government out.

I am the last one you should accuse as I am right now trying to get the swedish minister of justice fired. The new government is not an inch better, I have learned.

Finally, I have to tell you, no government gives a ratass anymore about a child abduction and the Hague deal is not even worth the paper its written on, internationally.

So to make it very clear, all the "backyards" is ours. No matter what gender we are talking about here  as none consider the childrens rights, ever. Its a grim and stupid world, mainly for the abducted children. So, tell me now what you mean with "foulplay"?


Ture Sjölander